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Posing For Senior Pictures

Blonde high school senior girl holding pink cotton candy at fair

Posing is the number one thing my senior clients are nervous about.
They worry they won’t be able to pose like the seniors I have photographed over the years. They worry they will feel awkward and not know what to do with their hands.
If your photographer knows what they are doing, then you don’t need to know one thing about posing… not a one!
It’s my job as your photographer to direct you into poses and un-poses (you know, the poses that don’t look posed yet they look amazing–yeah, those are posed too)
Here are 5 posing ideas to get you started.

high school senior girl with skateboard in sitting pose

1: Sit down. (as soon as my clients sit down they obsess about their tummy folds- this is skin that is meant to bend when you do) To avoid crotch shots and tummy folds, hold a prop. Here you can see the skateboard is perfect. Ultimately, sit how you would normally sit and then let your photographer guide you to a chill and relax look.

high school senior girl in yellow dress with happy fun face

2: Lean In. And have fun. Whatever you project forward will be the focus of the camera. Your fun happy smile, laugh, excitement etc. Throw those arms back and be playful.

blonde high school senior girl walking pose at fossil gorge park

3: Walk. Movement looks so good and natural in a photograph. Swing your arms, play with your outfit, your hair and your accessories. Don’t mind the camera, just walk normally. (Again, your photographer is key here. They will need to give you some tips that revolve around all the elements of the image you are creating)

bronde hair senior girl with black sunnies and cute arms up pose

4: Arms Up. But hide the pits. Honestly, you don’t have to hide them but my clients often fret over them. Use your hair or your shirt/jacket/shacket to cover the area if it’s a concern. Mind your head and don’t bend forward too much.

cotton candy senior picture prop held by a blonde girl in a blue crop top and white denim at iowa state fair

5: Look Away. Why do you have to look at the camera? You don’t. You can say just as much in an image when you are looking off camera. Let your photographer guide you and if they don’t, show them you know what you are doing and smile at something off to the side 😁

There are a “million” more tips I can share. Ask me what you want to know. I’m here to help.

Be SEEN #ivySEEN and Keep Putting Yourself First.