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**You may find an affiliate link or two below. Just know I only listed products I swear by in my business, and you may even get an extra discount by using one of the links below!

And they will for you too.

These tools have simplified my workflows and made things EASIER on me.

SocialSquares (my go-to for GORGEOUS stock photos) has been my secret weapon for SIMPLIFYING content creation + promotion, saving me tons of time these past several years.

It’s a subscription with endless gorgeous images updated monthly to use on your social accounts, website or other graphics needs! 

And guys, membership is only $35 so it's a no-brainer investment for your biz. Go here and let them know I sent you! 

Social Squares

I could not do my social media without the help of this planning app. Plus, they send amazing helpful emails with the latest trends and how tos. It takes so much work off my plate. Batch content creation is the way to go for a simplified workflow that is EASY! 


This sexy website is all due to Caryssa from Franklin & Willow. Whether you need an overhaul with everything new like I did or maybe you just need some elements, she has it all. You will absolutely love her DIY templates.


You wanna know why I switched? My goal in business is to keep it simple and EASY!! That is the theme to all the tools I'm mentioning. They make my life easier and my website host had to follow suit.


Oh sweet designer dreams, you must have this tool and you can use it for free! Or get the paid version for more options. Truly, this is the easiest design tool EVER. I used to put my nose in the air and thought it was just for people who didn't know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator. The joke is totally on me. Adobe products are big dogs that not many people need. Canva is made for the rest of us and it's awesome. 


Gah, how could I forget this? It's last but not least. My husband has used Quickbooks for forever and he taught me how to use it for client invoices and tracking. It's pretty awesome to see what's coming in, what's going out and where it's going all in one app. Here is a link you can use to get up to $50 off and a $50 Visa Gift Card! 


You may be wondering about my email marketing secret weapon…look no further! Click here for 50% off!  I love them for the EASY drag and drop builder, creative freedom and one monthly fee for unlimited subscribers.


– Nikon Z 7ii
– Nikkor lenses: 24-70 and 85mm. I have others but these two are my favorite.
– On Camera Flash SB 700
– I use a huge reflector and portable knock off ice lights for the most part and you will often see me popping open my flashpoint 360
– I have a studio light too but save it for big jobs. It's clunky and huge and heavy. Perfect for many things but if I can do it easier another way, I will.
– Glass for fun light flares and a lens cleaning cloth plus all the backup batteries and cards I can carry.
– Not in my bag but on me when I shoot, my spider holster, If you want to get that damn camera off your neck, this is the perfect tool.  

What's In My Bag

I'm a photographer so yes, this one is imperative.


For the occasional special edit!


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