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JOSHUA TREE | Palm Springs Brand Photography

This will have to be a multi-post project because the insane number of images we created in Palm Spring and Joshua Tree for Emily Steines of BoopBod are too good not to share.

Day 1: Joshua Tree, 3 outfits all before the guests arrive for the Cactus Moon retreat Emily was hosting. There are not words for the connections and the soul work we did at this retreat. I was a guest and the photographer and the memories are forever etched on my heart.

The back story to why we were shooting right before the guests showed up: My flights were cancelled and getting them rescheduled made us PIVOT in a big way. We added days onto the trip so we would be able to fit in the Palm Springs portion of Emily’s Destination Brand Shoot.

Today I’m sharing the 3 looks we did in Joshua Tree. I love love Emily’s style. One outfit to match her surrounding, one to stand out and one that matches her everyday wear. I hope you take the time to head over to Emily’s website but more I hope you follow her on instagram. This lady is a constant HYPE WOMAN and her posts and stories fuel me each day to be my very best and to also give myself a break and go with the flow when I need it.


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