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Email Signature Template

I just learned about creating an email signature template in Canva. You technically could do a myriad of designs but today I wanted simple and I wanted it to match my branding.

First, go into Canva and create a new template, choose custom size and for the one I’m sharing today, I chose 600×200 pixels.

Then I went in and chose the circle frame. I may need to update this as I’m already second guessing what I created. My brand is more rectangles not circles but the circle was appealing. I’m wondering what Katelyn my branding woman is going to say lol.

Then I used my custom fonts and my main colors black and white to simply state my name, what I do and my website. The reason to not put 1000 things on my signature: I want anyone that chooses to learn more about me to either hit reply or go to my website. From there they can contact me, learn more, find all my socials and have a lovely experience while doing so.

To save, save as a png with a transparent background.

Have you updated your email signature lately?

With Canva it’s insanely easy and allows you to customize. So much more than the everyday signature of several lines of contact info and possibly an over used and under appreciated quote.

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