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Iowa City Newborn Photography | The sweetest little man

I posted a sneak peek a couple weeks ago about creatively including family into newborn portraits and commented how lovely this baby boy was because he slept the ENTIRE session!  I delivered his order this morning and was invited to stay and chat and hold him.  The little man is growing quickly as they do so I took in all the snuggles and smiles I could get from him!  Capturing images of a newborn when they are new isn’t always that easy.  Babies cry and eat and spit up and make other messes too.  Newborn photography takes patience above all else plus it helps to have mom’s and another’s set of hands, that day we had mom, dad and 3 grandparents!  It was a dream shoot for any newborn photographer, lucky me.  🙂   Today I am sharing some of my favorites featuring his little fingers and toes, gorgeous head of hair and pretty skin.  He was so good, we were able to dress him up with daddy’s tie and glasses for one shot and his daddy’s aviators in another.

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by Ivy Towler