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Coralville Newborn Photographer | How to Creatively Include the Family

I had the BEST baby yesterday, he slept the entire session!!!  On top of that, he was beautiful and snuggly.  I will have more images to show and tell later but I absolutely had to share this unedited {aside from making it a matte black and white} picture.  The goal of this image was to show loving support of family and to reference his size.  Three grandparents were at the photo shoot with mom & dad and even tho there are individual and group pictures posing with this little nugget, I like this one the best.  The only instruction I gave was to have them touch him.  Each adult did their own thing and of course the little man just slept thru it knowing he was safe and loved.  This image could be cropped and smoothed and touched up but the raw version was so striking to me, I left it alone in it’s imperfect perfection.

My creative tip: focus on the love, support and little details to add meaning to your images.

Happy Holiday Weekend to you all!

Cheers  🙂