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Beautiful High School Senior Picture | A glimpse of Miss Allye | Iowa City West High

This past week has been a whirlwind!  Several photo sessions, a speaking engagement to a large group of attentive and conversational high school seniors, family guests plus all the afterschool and weekend activities kept me {us} on the move.  🙂  Every little bit of it was actually fun and full of energy offering me inspiration and excitement for the next calendar item.  This week has some breathing room so I can catch up.  On my to-do list: several galleries to upload, orders to complete and email correspondence to do {I’m amazed at how much time email takes!}.  But before I put my working shoes on, I wanted to share a beautiful high school senior picture from yesterday.  It’s one of those images where you want to take it all in: an interesting backdrop of trees, changing foliage, sun setting, a stunning and sweet high school senior girl plus a pop of color from a well placed leaf.  It’s an Autumn Beauty image I am totally in love with!!

HMUA: Liz Annis | Elegant Airbrushing by Liz

Allye wanted natural timeless make-up and hair for her senior pictures.  Liz worked with Allye and her mom to create her look using soft curls to add body and interest and make-up that enhanced her beauty but didn’t take over.  Using a trained stylist alleviates that “make it perfect” pressure off my senior girls and gives them a boost of confidence while pampering them.  Having a make-over is fun and is part of every senior girl session.


For photographers:

This picture is almost sooc.  It was underexposed a bit so in ACR I brought up the exposure and added a little pink to offset the green and I added warmth too.  I brought down the highlights and whites to keep hot spots off the background plus increased the vibrancy then opened it up in PS.  While in there I did a little contrast on the iris and that was it!  I probably didn’t need to use PS but I did.  I also used a fallen leaf to create the “well placed leaf” across the sun to add interest and color.  My senior is simply gorgeous,  I had nothing to do with that  😉

by Ivy Towler



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