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Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures but in Iowa City

9 images of Annie doing various facial expressions for her senior picture wall collage

Oh Annie!! I love so many of your pictures so I had to share most of them in this blog post.

To my readers, Annie is from Cedar Rapids and she is home schooled and affiliated with Marion High School however, we decided to shoot in the Iowa City area for the gorgeous indoor and outdoor locations. Yes, you can shoot Cedar Rapids senior pictures in Iowa City… in fact you can take the photos anywhere!

Big smile for Annie leaning against a wall of windows in her jeans and cropped ivory sweater for senior pictures

We utilized public spaces for her senior pics.

Annie from Cedar Rapids posing on stairs and leaning on a beam in the light and airy hallway at hotel Chauncey in downtown Iowa City for her senior pictures

Including areas near the ped mall.

Fun and silly posing for Annie's Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures taken at Gene's in downtown Iowa City

I’m in love with her sandy hair against the tan grasses and her ivory cropped sweater

Annie's sandy hair pops against the tan grasses and her cropped ivory sweater for her senior pictures near Hancher in Iowa City

And all the tonal edits we used for a bit of a moodier vibe

Tonally edited senior pictures of Annie wearing her cropped ivory sweater and satin brown skirt amongst the dried and snow covered hydrangeas at the Coralville res
Simple side lying over a tall table pose for Annie's Cedar Rapids senior pictures
Hancher's light and airy hallway with beautiful lines accentuate Annie's soft and feminine dress and dance poses for her Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures
Gorgeous tonal edit for Annie's outdoor winter senior pictures near Hancher in Iowa City
Annie's black rimmed glasses complete her cute miniskirt and cardigan outfit for her Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures
Sassy and Serious facial expressions in this two image collage of Annie out in the snow covered brown bushes
A lifestyle pose over the couch for Annie's Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures
The argyle socks and black miniskirt plus cardigan give a cute school girl look to Annie's Cedar Rapids Senior pics
Feminine flowy white dress for Annie's Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures taken at Hancher's beautiful white indoor hallway

If you have someone looking for Cedar Rapids Senior Pictures, send them my way! We can shoot here in the Iowa City area or we can go to the Cedar Rapids area. I have done both and love the variety.

Here is a quick link to my contact page.

Close up Senior pic of Annie wearing her black body suite and jeans

Annie’s mom Gina is a past co-worker of mine when I was working as a nurse. I loved catching up with her and hearing about their travels and their small businesses. This family is one busy unit!

Annie and Her mom posing for the mother daughter senior picture keepsake image

Cheers to doing it your way Annie. Congrats on your successful school career and to your future endeavors! xoxo ~Ivy

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