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Senior Pictures, It’s Like Acting..

only in senior pictures, you get to play yourself.

Carolyn wearing all black and Nike sneaks in this full sun and back lit double image for her senior pictures at the University of Iowa

All the parts.

The fun and silly parts, the I mean business don’t F with me parts and the cute, beautiful, I’m perfect the way I am parts.

The textured backdrop of the art building worked great for Carolyn's black outfit and soft expression for her senior pictures in Iowa City

It’s about you and it shouldn’t be limited to being one version of yourself, or who you THINK you should be in front of the camera for the rest of the world to see.

Remove the filter and be yourself.

Senior girl picture with green grasses in the background and green leaves in the foreground creating a secret spot on the clean concrete wall by hotel Chauncey in downtown Iowa City

Not every 16-17 year old knows who they are but I can help you discover a little bit of yourself.

  1. Create a Pinterest Board or Instagram Folder with images that you are attracted to. They can have people in them or not. They don’t have to be senior pictures. You can save magazine ads and famous portraits. Black and White. Color. Big or Small. Save what you like and then let me do my magic and help you create something wholly YOU.
  2. Look through your closet and grab your favorite things. A pair of shoes you coveted until you could buy them. A necklace your grandma gave to you. A sweatshirt you have worn so much it’s looking vintage. Pick your favorites and send me a photo. We can design outfits based on what you already have. OR you can go shopping for new pieces to make your senior pictures pop.
  3. Ask someone who knows you really well. They may see you in a way you hadn’t thought before. A good friend or loved one can give you some thoughtful insights.
  4. Put on your adventure hat. We can really do what we want. Wanna take photos here locally, let’s choose your favorite hot spots or hidden gems. Want to go somewhere far away for your senior pictures? Take me with you and we can explore new places together. I love to do Destination Sessions. My most recent was in Costa Rica! I’ve also been to Marrakech. Morocco in Africa, Austin TX, San Diego CA, LA and Palm Springs CA (both a couple of times), Salt Lake City UT, Chicago IL and New York City.
Iowa City West basketball high school senior picture on location in a dark garage setting showcasing the basketball and hair and makeup and the number 14

Let’s get you in the books for your senior pictures. I promise it will be easy peasy. Just head on over to my contact page and click on that SENIOR PHOTOS tab and an email with more info will be sent across the internet to you.

Gorgeous close up senior picture of Carolyn wearing a dark teal spaghetti strap dress leaning against a mint and glass wall at the University of Iowa.


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