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Guy Senior Pics

You will see a lot of high school senior girls on my website but I photograph the guys too.

Cole's high school senior guy picture next to a You're Cute sign on a glass window wall in downtown Iowa City

It’s refreshing actually, guys, for their senior pictures want them totally different than the girls. Up to this point, most of them are doing their session for their mom, but not all of them.

2 images of high school senior Cole wearing jeans and a flannel in downtown Iowa City near hotel Chauncey

I think the key with guy senior pics is to give them the space to be themselves. If they are silly, let them be silly. If they hate having their photos taken, take a few and show them the back of the camera and collaborate with them on getting the best look. This takes the edge off and gives them a boost. You don’t know WHY they don’t want to take pics and they likely won’t tell you. It’s often a combination of being anxious with a stranger, worried what they will have to do for the photos and not wanting to be in the spotlight.

2 images of Cole at Iowa City West High School's baseball field holding a bat in one and looking through the dugout fence in the other

For today’s senior spotlight we have Cole. He’s a friend and neighbor so he did whatever I asked and went with the flow (lucky me!) AND one of the pics he did just for his mom and me ended up being one of their favorites.

Cole wearing aviator sunglasses at the Iowa City Pedestrian mall for his senior pictures

Cheers to your senior year Cole!

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