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Iowa College Grad Photos

CONGRATULATIONS and Cheers to you for finishing some of the hardest classes you will ever take. We should celebrate by chronicling this milestone with graduation photos!

Efe and Alexis pose for University of Iowa College Graduation pics on campus and in the Law building wearing graduation gowns with dresses underneath and Iowa Law sweatshirts.
Amber Williams college graduation photo in her white pharmacy jacket at the university of iowa.

This year I will be photographing my own daughter as she graduates from the University of Iowa with a Psychology degree. Watch for her post soon.

I have two options for grad photos. My headshot collection where we go to one location and do a short session to snag a few pics in your nice outfit and your cap and gown. You will get 3 full resolution, edited photos with the option to add on more.

The second option is a bigger session, a bit more like high school senior pics. This is a 2 hour session, I encourage my clients to share the session and share the session fee with your friends. It’s waaaay more fun with a buddy or 5. Plus then you get group shots 🙂 This session includes all of the best digitals from the session and you can add on retouching for any photo that needs spruced up a bit.

Please fill out the general contact form here on my website and I will get you scheduled.


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