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Headshots for the 40 Under 40

Our goal with the Corridor Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 headshots this year was to give them some consistency. In years past, the photos were taken in different locations and lighting. It made it feel clunky when you looked at them as a whole and took away from the continuity when reading the articles. As a photographer, I wanted to streamline the process and have each honoree come to me at the same location rather than chase them all down across the corridor.

Jenni Hatz, CBJ’s events coordinator (and a creative brilliant mind) wanted colorful and contemporary. She wanted to shake it up a bit and bring it into a more attractive brand for these young business and community influencers. Together we decided the beautiful hallway at hotel Chauncey in downtown Iowa City would give us great natural light and a modern appeal. The honorees were guided to wear something colorful that also expressed their own personal style. This is all about them. I had 2 days set aside for their headshots and added a 3rd for a couple people that couldn’t make it on the 2 other days. The sunlight/cloudy skies made for a small challenge in trying to keep the lighting consistent but as you can see below, they turned out beautiful.

Professional headshots are a great way to show the world that you take yourself seriously. Your image reflects you and how you want the world to see you. Choose a location and an outfit that speaks to you and your client/industry. Also, don’t try to always blend in by looking like everyone else. This world needs the diversity and unique personality of YOU, even if your boldness is found only on your colorful socks.

Thank you Jenni for doing something new and for innovatively leading the way for CBJ.

PRO TIP: Update your LinkedIn Headshot Quarterly. This brings new eyes to your profile and reminds your connections that you are here to be SEEN. You can rotate thru your headshots. Try seasonal looks or go beyond the headshot and venture into the world of brand photos. Read more here.

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