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Why you need monthly brand photoshoots

Each month you are trying to come up with new content for your social media, your email, your blog post, your website and your LinkedIn articles. Pinterest is also nagging at you to Pin Pin Pin! You need images to post and share, images to start the conversation.

Insert, the monthly brand photoshoot subscription that gives you constant content that grows with you and your brand. Images that will snag the attention of the scroller because it’s not another dancing video with words flying by so fast you can’t read them. And it’s not a selfie from your phone in bad lighting. They are professional photos showing YOU and what you and your brand represent.

Today I’m sharing an example set from a new client who signed up for the monthly brand sessions. Sarah is a nationally recognized speaker, social entrepreneur, and advocate for people with disabilities. Sarah launched Generation Spirit, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating inclusive spirit teams in schools nationwide. Since 2009, Generation Spirit has created over 225 inclusive teams in 31 states that have directly involved over 20,000 students. Her story and her brand’s mission is heart warming and I’m really happy to be a small part in helping her continue to be recognized.

Sarah needed new headshots and stock style photos to use on her website and social media and after talking thru the details, she chose the Influencer Subscription. The Influencer Monthly Brand Shoot allows up to 3 outfits/scenes per session. The monthly subscription shoot is a fast paced round robin style shoot. While one person is being photographed the other women (up to 3 others) are changing into their next outfit and setting up their scenes/props. Each woman gets 3-5 minutes with me and then they change. The entire shared session lasts about one hour which makes it quick and easy.

A collage of brand images of a Blonde Business Woman in a light blue button shirt and grey jacket, seated at a table with her phone, apple laptop, pens and journal.
A collage of brand images of a blonde female entrepreneur sitting at a brown wooden table with her apple laptop, pens, journal and phone.
a collage of brand images featuring a woman with blonde hair wearing a navy t-shirt that says Disability is Diversity
a collage of brand images of a woman smiling and laughing wearing a navy long sleeved blouse and jeans
A collage of brand images of a female sitting on a wooden chair with varying facial expressions

As you can see, Sarah has several images with unique poses to use across all of her brand’s online platforms.

Each month we shoot at a new location. Often we are inside but during the summer and fall months, when the weather cooperates, we head outside. Even in winter we will step outside for a few shots with snow or winter coats. Variety keeps it interesting and authentic.

If you are interested in starting the monthly brand subscription, head on over to my contact page and click on brand photos. I’ll get an email to you straight away!


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