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5 ways to use ONE Brand Photo

Let’s get right to it. You have gorgeous brand photos but you don’t know how to use them. And you have a few that are your favorite favs. How can you make the most of those favorites? Use them EVERYWHERE!! This develops brand recognition by using an image vs your brand colors, fonts and language. Plus when it’s a pretty photo, you just want to share it. (this post may contain affiliate links that give me a boon when you use them)

a number one with text saying FLIP IT SIDEWAYS and CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE with the same brand image turned sideways


It may not work for every image but it certainly can grab your attention. You can even try upside down or flip it horizontally so your subject is looking a different direction.

a number 2 with image background explaining to use the same image as an email, web page or Linked In header


Or a footer or a side bar. Use the fine details on a slim template to draw attention or to fill a space.

a number 3 with the brand image used as a background for statements, pinterest posts or to draw attention


Lots of options here. This could be the background to a full web page, email or marketing piece for a big bang effect. It works well as shown above with a semi-opaque overlay with important info typed over top. Get into Canva, it’s an excellent and easy to use option for creating pieces like the ones in this post.

a number four with the suggestion to use the same brand image for blog posts


Just as I’m doing in this post, you will want images to help tell your story. They don’t have to be templates as I’ve done today but you certainly could. Tell A Story. That’s what you want to do. I can’t say it enough. Let your images do the talking.

a number 5 with the same brand image saying share your blog post in snippets to social media


Oh yeah, Social is pretty much essential. Take your photo and use it on Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Take snippets of your blog posts and post them on social to continue telling your story. You need to say the same things over and over again. Your audience isn’t always listening so keep shouting your genius out loud.

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the same brand image bleeding off the page with the suggestion to Play With it to discover the many ways to use one brand image in multiple ways

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