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How to get that swipe right®!

Dating apps are a scary thing. You take the time to make a profile, you add photos of you that you believe are cool and then you cross your fingers hoping you get a match. Whether you are looking to hook up or find your true love- please put your best foot forward starting with a true to life handsome photo so you can get that swipe right ®.

Soft Smile Dating App Photo

Why I can Help

There are a lot of dating apps out there but the ones that seem to get the most play are: OkCupid, Bumble, Hinge and of course Tinder. But before we dive in, let’s first point out that I am not on any dating app and I never have been. But before you go closing the browser thinking I couldn’t possibly help or understand, listen up. I have been taking photos for 21 years, in business for 10 and I know how to get the best out of someone in an image. Add to that my 30 years of being in love with my partner and husband of 23 years, countless conversations with my friends going thru relationships and being a mom to 4 and a photographer to teens and women… I’m pretty much a bank of knowledge in the form of a best friend.

Now, to get that swipe right. Ultimately, it starts with the first impression. YOU MUST HAVE A COMPELLING PHOTO. And it doesn’t have to be professional however having my help will be to your advantage.

My one experience with a dating app was with my daughter. She let me hold the phone and swipe for her. Her judgment was so fast that I was spinning. I asked her how she could even tell without stopping and looking at the photo and she said it was so obvious. I slowed our swiping down so I could look at the photos and truly gauge what the image was about. What I saw was pretty bad lol. Poorly lit photos where you couldn’t see the person’s face very clearly. Group photos so you had no idea who it was. A photo with sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes. A far away photo so you couldn’t see the face. It went on and on. She wasn’t wrong in her blink assessments. I felt soooo bad for all the guys who got swiped left. Honestly, we went thru a lot of profiles to the point my thumb was tired of swiping. Only 2 made the cut and after looking at their profile, only one actually kept her attention. The things she could surmise just by looking at their photos was interesting and again, it made me feel bad for the dude we were dissecting.

4 Things to Consider

So, in the interest of saving you reading time, I’m going to bullet point a few things to consider when creating your dating app profile.

  1. You must have your first image tell a story that represents the most authentic you.
  2. Your supplemental images should continue that story, keep it honest and welcoming
  3. Take care when writing your bio, again, honesty will attract the BEST MATCH FOR YOU
  4. Attend events/experiences/places that thrill you. Try and expose yourself to someone in person

Of course I’m writing this post because I want to help you by taking your photos for you. I don’t want them to look perfect like my High School Senior pictures or like my Brand Photos. Your images need to be waaaay more real, unedited, and less professional looking but still good. They need to show your best features and your likes + hobbies.

Photo Tips and Tricks

If you aren’t in the market to hire a photographer, then please check out this article for more tips: Hinge Article

Here are some photo tips, free of charge:

  1. Have good lighting (face the window if you are inside, open shade if you are outside)
  2. If the background is in shade and you are well lit, you will pop off the page
  3. Smile dammit, no one wants a crabby date
  4. Post a pic with your pet however no fish or dead animals. Puppies = Cute
  5. Travel pics, sports pics (not the gym!), candids (think laughing or looking off camera with a smile)
  6. Dress up, show off a bit of style
  7. Avoid bathroom selfies at all costs, take the time to have a friend snag a photo or me 😉
  8. No pics with your ex (this should be self explanatory) or a harem– geezus
  9. No sunglasses or hats that shade your eyes
  10. Close up is better than far away
  11. Lastly, no filters. Real is the Deal

If you want more info from me on photos, use my contact form and fill out the brand photos contact tab. You will get an email about personal brand photos. My favorite option for dating apps would be the Boss Babe option (yes, it’s for guys too, I just happen to photograph a shit ton of women) This is 3 one hour shoots or you can combine them into 1 or 2 shoots. We will capture headshots and active shots and candids. Multiple outfits and locations so you can truly show your authentic self which will land you the best swipe right matches. Conversely, I do have people using the monthly shoot subscription. This gives you a similar set of images but a bit less personal. We won’t be able to do the active shots as easily but we will still get plenty of candids and head shots.

Iowa City, Iowa Brand Photographer Ivy Towler