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Iowa City West High Senior: Brynn

All of my clients hold a special place in my heart. They should! They chose me out of all the other photographers they could have hired. We plan their session, create gorgeous images and work together for a year on fun creative shoots. Today’s senior showcase is one of my favorite girls. She spent Christmas with us and recently celebrated 2 years of dating my son– so yeah, she’s pretty special.

Flower Fun: Brynn and Will
Playing with the Pop Up Art in Downtown Iowa City
I’m pretty sure Will caught her attention on this one

What I love most about Brynn: she’s sweet, she makes Will laugh, she doesn’t put up with Will’s crap, she is a talented dancer, she knows how to PUT HERSELF FIRST and work toward her goals. We love her very much.

Smiling even tho it was sooo hot on her session day!
These two are always playing and laughing and giggling. They make my heart happy.

More senior pics over on Instagram @ivy_seen

Cheers~Ivy Towler