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Here’s How I Plan For A Productive Day as a Business Owner

Brand Photographer Bedroom

Each day starts about the same:

wake up naturally (no alarm needed here)

time with my husband snuggling in bed (wink) then make it (the bed-not babies)

water + medicine + step outside and have gratitude for the day + stretch

coffee (it’s elaborate and it’s decaf but it’s my favorite part of the morning-after snuggling of course)

Brand Photographer Planning Day on laptop and writing in planner wearing frayed denim and comfy grey sweatshirt

day planner (Emily’s is awesome go here but sometimes I switch it up- I’m a junky for planners) Then I do the day as it has been laid out. It could be an admin day where I’m at my desk doing all the things or I’m packaging orders and mailing stuff. It could be a shoot day: my favorite days! Or it could even be a CEO day like today when I’m writing this post.

–my time is broken up into 45-50 minute chunks of time on Admin days

–9am Correspondence (blinders on, don’t get distracted by all the shiny things) sip water while working

—-5-10 minutes at the end of the hour to jump around or change laundry + pee

–10am Work on image culling, processing and send messages to my clients about their images. Sip water while working

—-stretch or change laundry + pee

–11am LUNCH! This is my happy hour of nourishment and refueling. Often veggies and meat (organic and regeneratively raised for the love of my body and this planet)

—-grounding in the nice weather months or a walk

–1pm Client Orders or Finish the image work I was doing in the morning. It all depends on the day.

—-move around or stretch, really these exercise snacks are whatever feel good to me at the moment.

–2pm prep for tomorrow, tidy my desk and be done with business for the day OR blog which rarely happens cause I’m usually ready to be done and need to hit the store and start dinner or run errands for clients or family. 2 o’clock is my catch all clean up + prep time.

–3pm start my family and home responsibilities

white kitchen scene

Every day ends mid afternoon. Sometimes waaay before dinner so I can buy and prep the meal as I mentioned.

The rest of my day is family time. Dinner, Walk The Dogs, Watch TV and chill.

On most days I also get in me time: a BATH where I meditate and come down from the day. My night routine is important so I try and do this as often as I can.

bath faucet with running water

Then to bed by 9 pm.

My workout days are typically my CEO and Admin days and the weekends. When I’m on my game. I’m very good at Not Exercising. Can you relate?

So that is it. It looks simple on paper and I’m not set in stone to do it this way every day but as a Brand Photographer who also photographs High School Seniors and even Boudoir, a schedule like this is optimal. I’m also a mom to 4 and my husband has a high intensity career so we don’t really have a lot of down time during the week. I must keep my schedule for the most part if we are to stay afloat in this modern world of crazy.


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