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Celebrating Miss Ellie, Class of 2020

I have been photographing this young lady for a few years (with her older brothers for their senior pictures). She patiently waited for her turn and blew me away. Ellie went to Austin, Texas for her session with me where we used some pre-scouted iconic locations plus some just for fun spots. She also participated in a couple of the concept shoots we did here locally. This young woman is always up for an adventure, cares deeply for her community donating her time, efforts and hair! Plus she is loyal to her friends and family. Keep reading to see her gorgeous images and some cutie little kiddo pics and a message from her parents too!

The bus at Sekrit Theater
The flower wall at Sekrit Theater
The Greenhouse at Sekrit Theater
Greetings From Austin
Downtown Austin, Tx
Our historic mansion airbnb
I think this is the Ellie we all know and love <3

I reached out to Ellie’s mom and dad asking them for words they’d love to share with Ellie on this post and for a few cutie little kid pics. Their words squeezed my heart and look at little Ellie!! What a sweetie <3

“Ellie, you are so special to us in so many ways.  You are kind and smart, creative and funny, graceful and elegant, and unflinchingly self-deprecating.  Above all, you are strong and resilient.  Fate has often seemed to have a way of interfering with your celebrations.  We discovered that Build-A-Bear went out of business when everyone arrived for your birthday party one year, and the year that all you wanted for your birthday was a party at Happy Joe’s, it blew away in a tornado just days before.  You always took these and many other bumps on the road of life with maturity and resolve.  Now for your senior year of high school, COVID-19 has arrived.  So many important things have been cancelled: your last dance competition, your senior dance recital, your senior prom, your graduation with honors.  Yet, you take it all in stride, making it your mission to help others during this time instead of feeling sorry for yourself.  As always, you are a rock.  We want you to remember that you have so much to be proud of and such a bright future ahead: the honor’s program, political science, the dance program, and so much more at the University of Iowa this upcoming year.  We promise to celebrate your graduation and celebrate you as soon and as often as the world allows.  With all of our love,

Mom and Dad”

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