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Maddy: Class of 2020

She’s a neighbor, a fun chaser, an adventurer, a talent that can’t be dimmed and one heck of a sweet big sister.

Maddy and her family show up for each other. Her mom Lecia just texted in our convo: “I’m sad that her senior year has ended abruptly.  I’m proud of Maddy and look forward to her future.”

Last summer Lecia, Maddy and I walked, Ubered and rode the Subway all over NYC to create some gorgeous senior photos and memories. It was a blast, Lecia knows people everywhere and we met up with friends of theirs and while Maddy and I were shooting with other photographers her mom went to the Pride Parade!

We shot for 2 days for her senior pics and then we did another day with a group of photographers and a mentor of mine. I was so glad she agreed to be a model during the workshop day!!

I asked Maddy’s mom for a few pics of her when she was little and a favorite memory. She said: “A favorite memory has always been reading and sharing books together.   From Eric Carle to JK Rowling…. books are a source of happiness of time spent together.”

First Family Photo
My favorite of all of the ones her mom sent over <3
Maddy and Juliana
Awww, puppy love!

Thank you Maddy for sharing your senior year with me and for being willing to step outside the box and create some unique and memorable images!

I wish you happiness in the future and an ease with others while you navigate all the paths and options. Congratulations on graduation with the Class of 2020!