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In an instant, EVERYTHING CHANGED. Class of 2020

In an instant—everything changed.

That is probably what your parents thought when you were born. A cute little newborn (possibly a little wrinkly and not quite cute when you first popped out but hey, love is blind).

“Everything Changed” is not what you wanted at the end of your senior year of high school. There is no need for me to list out the 100 things taken away from you. I imagine some seniors don’t have as deep of feelings as others and that is ok. YOUR feelings are YOURS, don’t discount them. Lean into your emotions and go through them. See how you grow from this and revel in the creativity of your movement forward.

Greenhouse Group Shoot

Although I’d love to wave a magic wand and make it better, in the future you will look back and see that all moments in your life shape you to become your future self. I can see how my best growing moments were some of the most difficult to traverse. You will too, trust in that. So, let’s talk about what I can do for you!

  1. I have the opportunity to enter up to 15 images of my Class of 2020 to an INTERNATIONAL Class of 2020 YEARBOOK by Senior Style Guide!! The entry fee is waived as a gift to this year’s class. The digital version is also FREE! And you will have the option to buy the hardcopy if you want it (I would if you are in it, what an incredible piece of history to have forever!!) Here are the things I need. 1) your permission to submit you, I already have your model agreement but I’d like you to say YES enter me. 2) Your SENIOR QUOTE it can be whatever you want but I need it ASAP!!! 3) Since I can only submit 15, you will be entered on a first come first served basis. 4) I need your understanding that the yearbook chooses the images and I’m not guaranteed you will all make it (it stinks but this is INTERNATIONAL so I totally get it) Once you have read this– send me an email with your stuff. I need to enter it this weekend.
  2. PROM PICTURES so normally I have taken photos of my daughter during the three proms she attended. It was fun with everyone dressed up and high on the energy of being with friends. I wanted to do it again this year and still plan to. I know it won’t be the same but as soon as we are SAFE to do so, I want you guys to dress up and have pictures. We will set a time and a date as soon as possible. Those dresses that were already purchased shouldn’t be wasted. Guys too! Put on a suit, rent a tux– show up for yourself and your date. We can make it what we want. I will pull all the best images and do some light editing and make a prom set of social media sharing files for you to keep.
  3. FAMILY PHOTOS were supposed to happen in May for my current seniors. It was supposed to include all your siblings and parents. I can still do those. Even if we do the front porch pictures! (Or back patio) as long as we keep our distance and we are outside we are good to go. Please contact me for these so we can set them up now! These sessions will include a couple of social media sized digital files and if you want to keep prints to show your children how you looked during this historic moment in time, you can buy any and all of your prints and wall art per usual.

^^^^^^ These are the things I can do for you as a gift of thanks for choosing me as your photographer and to congratulate you on graduation.

STAY TUNED for some SENIOR FEATURES on the blog. I have them in the works. You will be surprised about what content I have to share- so cute!