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A Free Session: My gift to those working on the front line during the Coronavirus Pandemic

DEAR FRONT LINE WORKERS: hospital doctors and nurses and therapists and similar, emergency crews, police and fire rescue crews, nursing home caregivers. You deserve a gift.

This will end at some point, the long shifts, the hours on the front lines putting yourself and your family/loved ones at risk. The emotional and physical toll of being the only ones able to help the very sick with Coronavirus will subside and at some point you will get your rest, your break. I hope with all my heart that you come out unscathed but I know that is a tall wish and is likely an impossible request. I’m not able to bring you all food or make masks or PPE but I can give you something to look forward to. Something you can hold onto forever and cherish all your life. Family pictures. Maybe it’s just you and your dog. Or you and your spouse. I imagine many of you have a whole family of loved ones wanting and waiting for this to be over and to know that you are safe. Whatever your family is, I want to gift you a family session this year.

This session will hopefully (pandemic pending) take place this summer and fall. You will also be gifted social media sharing images to show the world that you came out the other side, that you survived! If you want to decorate your home with your images you are welcome to shop from a very special price menu only for this session. I am not able to accommodate everyone, there are only so many spots I can fill so I will need you to contact me ASAP.

Please reach out to me here:

I will be in touch soon and get you started in the planning process. Stay Safe.


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