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You haven’t had new family photos in YEARS! And you keep thinking you will do it and then it’s Christmas and you just say f**k it and promise yourself that you’ll do it next year. Right now is the perfect time to reserve your spot. You need something to look forward to (I do too!) and you want to have post-pandemic family pics to show how you came out the other side. I had mine scheduled last year and then life went to hell in a hand basket and we couldn’t fit them in. They will be done this year. It’s at the top of the DON’T MISS THIS list. Let’s chat about your dream family shoot: location, outfits and the area in your home where you will display them all.

Mother Daughter Duo

Your business needs to bounce back after going through the Corona. Mine too. We all feel the pain. What better way than to update your website with new custom images that reflect your brand and what you can do for those in need of your services. You are going to need to blast your emails out, stay active on social, and all those marketing pieces! Let’s do a video chat now to connect and you can help me to understand your brand. From there we will plan out your session, the locations, the outfits, the props and how you can use all of those images.

Iowa Personal Brand Wellness Coaches
Custom Brand Images

Class of 2021!! We are shooting this summer, damn straight we are! This pandemic has an expiration date and you will need content to share on social, you will need pictures to give to your family members and for your home. You need your time in the limelight and a Be SEEN #ivySEEN session is like an all day birthday party just for you!! We will start with hair and makeup in the morning, take photos midday and then you can go hang with your fam or friends while I process your images and then you SEE THEM THAT SAME DAY!! No one else does this. It’s a lot of work lol but for me, it is essential that you see them that night. You get the whole day all to you 🙂 Because I have no idea how the ‘rona will effect my shoot schedule, I can’t promise the big group concept shoots but I do have a special idea for my 3 hour session clients- I can’t wait to spoil you!

Senior Pictures that show off YOUR personality and creativity

Oh Barely By Ivy, how I love you and miss you but dang, this social distancing is killing BBI slowly. For my boudoir clients, we are just delaying sessions until the distancing thing is lifted. We are planning via video conferencing which has been a nice option. It won’t be long now and we will be creating those empowering, sexy, strong and feminine images for your dream shoot!

Playful Boudoir

Is there anything else I can help you with? Please contact me through my contact form here:

Joshua Tree Palm Springs California // Ivy Towler

I look forward to seeing you this year!



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