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Coronavirus and Class of 2020

Damn this stinks. It’s a crap deal for so many people in the world and I couldn’t even explain the myriad of emotions I have seen and had from this historic Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, I’m not going to focus on everything however, just one thing. The Class of 2020.

Here in the midwest, we are taught all our lives that our problems are not as bad as someone else’s so we shouldn’t complain about them, we should pull up our boot straps, wear our big girl panties and keep moving forward. And even tho I think there is a place for that, I don’t like the idea of discounting someone’s emotions because someone else could be experiencing more. More pain, more fear, more success. We should celebrate our WINS, we should share our pain, we should be able to see our emotions and feelings and circumstances as valid and important no matter the scale.

Having your last weeks in a school you have been dying to leave but have needed socially for 13 years taken away is pretty heavy. Add to that: no prom, no graduation ceremony, no big grad party and a questionable summer of slim activities before college is supposed to start. That doesn’t even include all the extra curricular activities: sports, teams, shows, performances and all the things I can’t think of to mention. This is SAD – all caps SAD!

I have seen and heard some of the things the Class of 2020 has been doing to lift their spirits and to see their friends during this Coronavirus outbreak. They are a creative bunch and they don’t plan to sit quietly waiting. They are doing smart things within the confines of the “rules of the ‘rona” (making this momma proud!). And can we just thank God for technology and Zoom and House Party and TikTok plus social media and Netflix. Seriously we have some big advantages to the past pandemics not just medicinally but socially.

I wish there was something I could do other than just pat you all on the back and say well done. So cliche. There is one shoot I plan to do ASAP once the Coronavirus sequestering is lifted: PROM!! Since your prom will not happen and you are likely dreaming up something creative, let me help with capturing you in your prom digs. I will email my Class of 2020 soon to help sort out details for this. Let’s not let those dresses go to waste!

Showcase your Prom Dresses

So what does this mean for my Class of 2021 clients? It means I can’t shoot you right now. But you damn well know I’m planning shoots for as soon as the social distancing is lifted!

Project Beauty will still happen for the Class of 2020 AND 2021! This is a movement in my industry where we stand as a platform for our seniors and offer support. We let them be SEEN for who they are on the inside, they tell their stories, we see them raw and open and vulnerable. It’s a hard series at times but absolutely worth it.


I have Class of 2021 seniors already lined up. They will get first dibs on any reschedule dates due to the pandemic. If this goes too far out, I will need to do a VIP list. This will be a first come first served session grab. I don’t feel the need to do this yet but it’s getting close. For now, grab your spot if you haven’t yet!

I’m reworking my senior session options to better serve the Class of 2021 season. This class won’t get as many group concept shoots due to the national crisis that is Covid 19. So, my main goal is to give them 2 sessions for the price of one. Their main senior session PLUS an extra session we can design around a concept. I’m super excited about this since our extra shoots are so freaking amazing.

Senior Concept Mime Dancer

For now lovelies, continue to be smart and keep your distance. Cover your mouth, wash your hands and stay home. We can easily weather this storm with a little patience and creativity.



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