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High School Senior Miss Avery from Iowa City West

Avery, Avery, Avery! I wish everyone could get the chance to be around your free and fun loving self. You are simply the sweetest and one of the most thoughtful seniors I have had.

If you are reading this, you just need to know that Avery went above and beyond this year as a senior brand ambassador for my team. She helped come up with ideas for shoots, she came to just about all the concepts we did, she had AMAZING MAKEUP all done by herself {you should see her personal kit!} AND she was selfless. And by that, I mean she didn’t try and steal the limelight but wanted others to be the stars of the show. During her destination session in Austin, Texas, she told me to stop photographing her and to photograph Ellie {another destination senior from the Class of 2020} since she already had plenty of pictures from her year with me. And she meant it. It wasn’t just words to make her look good or to make Ellie feel special, it was a genuine and authentic wish. Of course I took a lot of both girls but her saying that opened my eyes to the depth of her thoughtfulness.

Avery has been a camp counselor for many summers, a job she loves very much. I can see why she is so good at it, she is a giver. A giver of joy and compassion, empathy with a patient listening ear. Avery has faced many emotional moments as most teens do, in this, she has learned to be there for others. Plus, her parents are super cool and loving, the apple didn’t fall far from that tree.

I’ll stop gushing over her. I just wanted you to know that there is more than just pretty pictures on this page, there is a young woman with immense potential and a generous heart.

Excellent job this year Avery and good luck in your future!


by Ivy Towler

Taken in an old bus at Sekrit Theater in Austin, TX
Odds and Ends at this location so we made some cute pictures!
We seriously need a floral wall around here! Outfit from Elle Rae
I can’t remember where we were, I wish there was a sign!
Desert Republic has the best outfits <3

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