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Have you ever heard of Tushie Tuesday?

Well it’s a social media hashtag that a lot of boudoir photographers use to show off an image of a cute pair of buns. Honestly I think it’s pretty catchy so I thought I’d share one today on my website. I have several I can share but today just the one. Need to share these slowly for the anticipation lol.

softly curled long hair cascading down a toned woman's naked back tickling her bra line just above a lace thong

Let’s talk about a woman’s body. I think it is one of the most romantic and sensual forms out there. It’s soft yet strong. A woman is a miracle maker when she creates life and a curious wonder when she can take that little bundle of joy and nourish it from her own body. I am wishing I had a line of pregnant and nursing boudoir images to celebrate mothers. With Mother’s Day this past weekend and all the posts about motherhood I was yearning for beautiful images like that to share. But alas, it’s #tushietuesday and you are all here to see the bum. {Not sure why I haven’t said butt or ass yet but there ya go}

Cheers to the rest of your week

And stay cheeky 😉

Eastern Iowa’s Leading Boudoir Photographer in the Iowa City area

by Ivy Towler

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