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It’s my birthday! Photoshoot Giveaway!

Birthdays: MY FAVORITE DAY of all time because the day is about you and you deserve to be celebrated and made to feel special and necessary. That is what my mom taught me anyway. She lived this daily and in turn I learned that it was a gift to celebrate each day but also to really show it on this one very special day. I know not everyone gets excited about birthdays but I’m planning on having a lot of them and I want to celebrate each one with my mom’s enthusiasm.

PC Lori Nordstrom

So are you wondering how old I am? I’m 44 as I write this but on May 10th I will be 45 which is almost half way to my goal of a healthy 100. I have a smart, handsome husband who gave me 4 kiddos and still finds me sexy. My body aches a little more than in the past but I’m yoga-ing the shit out of it to keep me flexi and mostly pain free. Anyway, you are like me and don’t want to hear my aging woes so on to the fun stuff!

Well, I was noticing facebook asking me to donate to a cause for my birthday and all I kept thinking was I donate to a lot of causes and I give my ALL to my family and friends and clients everyday of the year soooo for my birthday I’m donating to myself and taking the whole day off. I may even turn off my phone. Gasp! Nah, you know I couldn’t. lol

Ok, here is my selfish self thinking Hmmmm, how can I give but still receive? ALL businesses think and run this way unless they are a charity, and I’m not a charity. Even people who say “FREE WEBINAR” are selling you something in the end. Or if they give you “FREE TEMPLATES” it’s because they want you to buy more. Only you don’t have to buy anything from me.

What I want: your name and email and a little info about you.

What you win if chosen from a random drawing: 45 minutes of shoot time with me. One location {provided by you unless it’s public}. Concept of my choice {more on that below} and your favorite print sized 16×24 or smaller-{to fit your needs} {the session and print would be over $500 if you hired me}.

The nitty gritty: You will need to come to me if you are chosen and I live in the Iowa City area. We will chat and go over all the details in person or via google chat or similar. As for your concept, whatever you are interested in, we will shoot {You select on the form you fill out} but I will guide you on what to wear and the location-as stated one location but we can do 2-3 outfits in the time we spend together. I’m pretty good at what I do so I hope you will trust me on this since that is why people come to me! I hope you choose a perfect wall sized 16×24 but if your home needs an 11×14 or even smaller, we will print it within the giveaway parameters. You will have the option to buy more but you don’t have to! I will use my regular pricing menu at your image reveal {when you look at your pictures}. Honestly, no need to buy any.

PC Angela Majerus


You can still enter your name and info for future giveaways and information about specials.

drawing happens on my birthday, 05-10-2019 at 14:45 cause 14 is my favorite number and 45 will be my age 😉

Alrighty, I know you are itching to enter, please go here: Giveaway Link

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