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Winning National Model: Chloe Holt

She came up to me in January 2018 saying she wanted to model and enter the modeling competition my past client and her friend Traevis was in. All I could say was yes and then did my damndest to make her dreams come true.

January 2019 she modeled in Austin, Texas as a winning model for the Undiscovered Magazine collaboration with Senior’s Ignite. She beat out 100s and 100s of other high school teenagers to be one of #thelucky13 and I was blown away as she did it more beautifully than I could have dreamed.

Chloe is very much like her mom: driven, loyal and not too concerned about staying in the lines if it looks better outside the box. Two women I have come to love over this past year and I’m happy to have them as friends.

Chloe, of course, wanting to be a model, didn’t shy away from my camera so I have hundreds of images of her but today I’m sharing some of my personal favorites. A collection of her outward personality which is an authentic sneak peek of her inner self. Chloe speaks true when she says “confidence is being perfectly comfortable in your own skin with all our imperfections and being mindful of them but also not caring at all.” And lastly, her best advice which I wish everyone knew and followed: “Love yourself before you try to love others.”

Proud of you Chloe. xoxo

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