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Oliva F. One of my Favorite High School Seniors this year!

Olivia: Class of 2019

Miss Olivia aka Bubba is as positive as she is bubbly. We patiently waited for her senior year to get here after photographing her beautiful sister a few years ago and was she ever worth the wait! If you know her, you understand the draw. She shares her light and lifts you up.

As I write this I am still in awe of how well she did during her session {her grandmother passed that morning!}. With familial strength from her mom and sister, our fun distraction techniques and the beautiful sunshine, her grandmother would have been so proud.

If you are heading to the ocean, please take Miss Olivia. Swimming in waves is one of her favorite things to do, just call her mermaid Olivia.

Below you will see a selection of her images we created on that beautiful bittersweet day.


Favorites: Dress, Stripes and Her Mom and Sister <3

Do you see that sass? That is Bubba style!

Do you have a favorite high school junior who is looking for a senior photographer? Please send them my way, I’d love to help them tell their story!


by Ivy Towler