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Iowa Boudoir Photographer: What To Wear in your Boudoir Pictures

What do you bring to a boudoir session?

Whew, what a loaded question right? Nah, boudoir is the easiest thing for you to plan. You only need your bare skin at the very least or a full coverage robe at the very most. I know you think you need that $500 lingerie corset set, the one with full garter, hose, clips and laces that confuse you BUT let’s be honest

I think we could do a full session in the time it takes to figure out how to put it on. <——- I’m mostly kidding, sort of. Anyway.

Some of my favorite images I have taken over the 8 years I’ve been photographing women wearing little to no clothing are the simplest pieces you have in your closet TODAY. You don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.


1} A robe. It can be a silk robe that we can drape across your body or a see through lace number like the one here. Notice how the light wraps around her body when she is backlight by the sun coming through the window. It is romantic and alluring, not to mention it helps shape your body beautifully.

Backlit nude lingerie model in lace robe

2} A blazer. Yep, you heard me right, a simple work blazer can be your sexy taunt especially when you add heels and a cute pair of cheeky undies. I mean look at the woman in this photo!! She has had insecurities like everyone else about what she would look like in images. Her biggest worry was her abdomen. This is how you show off your favorite assets and disguise what you are not so fond of. It is the photographers job, they should know poses and lighting and be able to direct you for every shot so you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Boudoir model in high heels wearing cheeky undies and a blazer in a hotel window with a city scape behind her

3} A pretty piece of lingerie. Most women own at least one. I own a few pieces just because I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for eons and after 4 babies a woman wants to feel sexy. AND even tho he has a very good way of making me feel desirable, I still need to show myself.  So owning a few fun pieces is just that, FUN! And it’s just as much for me as it is for him. Your piece could be a lace bodysuit, it could be a flirty bra and panty set, it could be the full regalia and have all the bells and whistles {I know I made fun of that in the first paragraph but that was so you would know you don’t HAVE to have one of those BUT you CAN and it will be loads of fun to create images with!!} and since my stylist stays on as my assistant we will get to work together to get all of the ties and hooks and closures in the right places 😉

boudoir lingerie model with floral tattoo on chest and long Jami earrings

4} Birthday Suit!  Nearly every single client says they don’t want to do nude pictures and nearly every single one of those clients does nude pictures. I get it, I do. Being naked in front of strangers is not easy. Being in front of a camera is not easy. Put the two together and well, you might as well run because who in their right mind would do that to themselves? LOL. Plenty of people actually and the reason: you will be very comfortable during your session, so much so that being nude will be no different than being in that little skin baring piece of lingerie. We typically don’t do full on erotica at our sessions {unless that is what you are gunning for}. Our sessions are centered around strength and beauty and empowerment. Being comfortable in your own skin. Showing you that you are more than a mom who takes kids everywhere, runs errands, makes meals, works for someone else, helps at school, walks the dog, finds time for a workout and maybe grabs the salad instead of the fast food burger all while doing her wifely duties {you know I’m talking about myself here but I’m pretty sure you can relate–well most of you can– some of you are brides or single ladies!!} ANYWAY, Let me show you that you are worthy, more than all those hats, find that original YOU. 

boudoir silhouette on concrete reflective floor in seductive bum up pose

Wait. That’s it? I don’t need anything else? 


You can bring a lot more and many women do because they are so excited and just can’t wait to do this bold new thing. They are also nervous about not having the right items even after hearing the above details plus they want it all. So bring extras!!!  Just know you don’t need to because we have your back {and your butt and all the rest of you} covered and can make many beautiful images with you and you alone. 

When we meet for your consultation, we will plan your session so you know exactly what to bring. Boudoir sessions are customized and centered around what you want. And if you don’t know what you want, I will help you figure that out.

Please check out my boudoir page here: BARELY BY IVY Boudoir Experience

And then let’s get you set up for your session!


Cheers~Ivy Towler

Boudoir Photographer and Personal Branding Photographer in Iowa City, Iowa





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