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National Modeling Competition Contestant: Traevis Buchanan

If you haven’t already, please read about our other contestant Miss Megan!

This post is your introduction to Traevis Buchanan, our Senior’s Ignite National Modeling Competition applicant. Traevis is one of my Iowa City West High Seniors. His schedule has been so full that we almost didn’t get his submission done and in on time. My part in his application were his images, a write up about Traevis and daily reminders to him to finish his written essay and video. He never once turned down this opportunity even tho it would have been easy to just quit and say I can’t add anymore to my plate right now. School and tests have kept him busy studying hard and Traevis along with his West High Football team just won the quarterfinal round of the state play-offs last night!!! He is loyal to his family and friends, dedicated to his sweet girlfriend and his passion for musical artists + fashion. His social media stories give us glimpses into the hottest trends and the highlights of his life including his dog and late night snacks 😉 

I’m not sure I can truly portray the respect and admiration I have for ALL of my seniors. Each of them has a unique story to tell that is inspirational and heart warming. They are not “kids” anymore but rather young adults with drive and ambition. Traevis absolutely fits that bill. He is relentless in reaching his goals and making a positive impact. As a role model for many and especially his little brother, he has big shoes to fill and I believe know that he will exceed all of our expectations. 

Send Traevis good luck wishes both for his model competition and for his current focus, football! He has earned and deserves every win in his life!


If Traevis or Megan are selected as winner’s for the National Modeling Competition, they will fly to Palm Springs in January for a two day photoshoot. These fully styled shoots will be photographed by the lead photographers for SEEN magazine {including me!} and photographed by other leading photographers from across the nation. They get ALL of their fully edited images to keep!!!  And the experience will be one to remember for a lifetime. They also have the option to join me and my destination seniors in LA on the Saturday before and in and around Palm Springs the day before. So potentially 4 days of shooting and hanging out in California. 

To be submitted to the competition they had to be one of my Be SEEN Experience Seniors, have had their senior session with me and fulfilled their senior picture order. If you would like this opportunity NEXT year, please be sure and contact me now so we can get you on the list!



by Ivy Towler