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National Modeling Competition Contestant: Megan Herring

Hello!  It has been a few months since I’ve given any sort of news updates on my blog but if you are a fan then you already follow me on my social media platforms and have read about national publications and awards that Towler Photography has won over the past few months. I will soon be putting those all up on the website but today, I want to showcase something even more important than awards and accolades, I am sharing about two seniors who went above and beyond and entered the Senior’s Ignite National Modeling Competition. They each will have their own post so please be sure and read them both. 

Right now I’m pleased to introduce Megan Herring as one of my model contestants!  Megan is a senior at Iowa City West High School. She lives in North Liberty with her mom and step-dad + siblings. She is currently a football cheerleader who recently tried out for and made both the Shrine Bowl Cheer team and the All State Cheer Squad plus she was also chosen for the All State Honor Squad!  Very high honors indeed! Megan recently took time out of her very full schedule to reflect on her life and the work she has had to do to get where she is today and write a short essay for the judges of the modeling competition. She had to dig deep and share some things that were difficult times in her life to show the judges why her accomplishments are even more of a triumph. Megan also had to submit a 30-60 second video. The video had to be a raw unedited phone video where she talks about an aspect of herself letting the judges see one more layer of who she is but also showing them how she does in front of a camera. I have read and watched both of her submissions and now I can only love her more. This fun, spirited, sweet girl has many things about her you never would suspect. It makes me think of the old adage: Don’t judge a Book By It’s Cover. Megan is a beautiful soul with a lot of fight and determination. She is making strides in the right direction and showing the world that she is way more than good enough, she is perfect just the way she is.

Please wish Megan lots of luck as we wait to see if she is a semi-finalist next week and then a national winner the following week. Regardless of the outcome, Megan knows that this contest doesn’t define her but rather has elevated her just for putting herself out there.

Congratulations Megan on your senior year and Good Luck not just in this competition but in all your future endeavors. 

xoxo Ivy

National Model Contestant Megan Herring

Iowa City West High Senior Megan Herring

by Ivy Towler

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