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Denim + Concrete + Beautiful Sisters

Oh I’m so excited to share this shoot with you!!  I have long wanted to do a denim + concrete fashion styled shoot but I needed just the right look in my models to make it work. I had noticed a couple of young women on instagram that would fit the bill for this concept and then discovered they were sisters!!! Their gene pool is beautiful which you will notice below but their hearts + their souls, that’s where they shine. Smart, talented and outgoing…. I can’t say enough about Sharun and Kitra. AND we will be doing more shoots in the future plus adding siblings so STAY TUNED! 

Also, let’s talk about Sharun’s beaded braids, she spent the night before our shoot adding those beads!  She said it took a couple of hours and I was so impressed with the look and the time she took just for us. I don’t think I would have the patience to do all of that work!

Thank you ladies for being present and ready with the perfect outfits, makeup and hair to match this styled shoot. I love how they all turned out!!!

Featuring the Big Love Ball and PoGo Lip Balm




PS even tho I did send these to my talented retoucher, she hardly had to do a thing!  These two ladies look like this in person, seriously, that skin!!!