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Taylor | Class of 2018 | Senior Model Iowa City West High School

The Class of 2017 are still in class and we have already started photographing the Class of 2018. I’m so excited to introduce my Senior Reps for this year! Today I will be showcasing Miss Taylor. Taylor has been modeling for me and other photographers for a while now but this year I get her all to myself. We have several shoots planned so stay tuned as she will be popping up a lot here on my website, instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr and snapchat. Damn, that’s a lot of places!!!  I’m sure Pinterest will be getting to see her too but for now, let’s start here, today. 

Taylor and I collaborated with her mom and decided to do an editorial shoot revolving around fashion and that fun obvious flash you see in high end boutique look-books and magazines. Below is a sample of what we created. You can see more on Taylor’s Official Page here which will be continually updated with each of her shoots!


by Ivy Towler

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