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#ivySEEN 2016 P A I N T WAR!

Sometimes you just have to play dirty so I hosted a party for my seniors and their friends for a night of fun to let loose and get colorfully messy. Below are a few pics from our “play date”. Luckily I had help in throwing this party.  Katie and Dean Colony generously let us use their pumpkin patch as our playground.  They got a hose for us to rinse off, they had tables set up and of course we talked them into playing with us too {their kids anyway}. My dad was here. That guy, he will always have the title as the first man I ever loved.  He came down to help me celebrate “Toni Day” a day we will use annually as a day of remembrance and a day to do all things Toni {my mom who passed away from cancer in 2011}.  I won’t elaborate too much but it was pretty damn special and with him being a kid at heart he made the event perfect.  I couldn’t have done it without him actually since I was busy taking pictures for my seniors and their friends. My kiddos came along too and brought their friends– they made quick work of the setup and the clean up.  Thank you to all that came out that night.  We may have to do this again next summer!!!  Or something new, I have several fun outdoor play ideas.

Scroll through these pics and then at the end you will find a link to the phone app that has so many more pictures in it.  These images can be shared freely but please give me a shout out or a tag or both 😉  Thanks guys xoxo

ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-4 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-5 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-8 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-16 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-56 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-61 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-98 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-106 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-206 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-366 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-367 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-407 ivyseen-senior-pictures-iowa-city-paint-war-391


To see more of the Paint War shenanigans you can go here to view it on your computer, tablet or phone.  You can save the album to your phone too!  Just follow the directions:


by Ivy Towler