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#ivySEEN Senior Night Shoot at West Overlook

Whew, we have been having fun over here at Towler Photography with a lot of #ivySEEN sessions and a surprise that will be coming soon! I’m just checking in today to let you know I am alive and kicking, constantly planning and looking forward.  My seniors have been nothing short of amazing this year and we have many sessions to share with you.  One of the fun things I do for and with my seniors is I invite them to monthly shoots where we take a concept and create story telling images.  Sometimes the message is a little more deep and insightful, sometimes it’s just for fun and the love of creating. We have been published several times on the website: We Are The Seen. A site that features unique seniors and their photographs. Often I’m choosing the session specifics but when my seniors take a leap and offer their creative ideas we really get some cool shots.  The images below are from a session we did this summer where we shot at night out at the local campground.  We talked about all the things we wanted to let go of, insecurities and negative thoughts, wrote them down on paper and burned them.  Many of the girls had the same feelings and doubts.  We also discussed what we would rather think and do in a positive light. Taking better care of ourselves and loving ourselves were at the top. The girls wrote these wishes down too and set them alight so they could be carried on the wind as a proclamation to what they were dedicated to doing and achieving.  I have seen these girls over the months grow and change. They took those promises to themselves seriously.  They know that negativity will always be there but as long as they don’t dwell on it and they CHOOSE to see the positive and be the positive then they are one step closer to a happy and fulfilling life.

As always, I’m impressed and inspired by my seniors.  So much so that I just have to share them with you and brag on them. They are part of our future and I couldn’t be prouder.

ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-1 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-2 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-3 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-4 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-5 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-6 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-7 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-8 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-9 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-10 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-11 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-12 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-13 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-14 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-15 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-16 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-17 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-18 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-19 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-20 ivy-towler-shooting-at-night-21

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