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Iowa City High School Senior | Lauren O

There are many favorite parts as a senior portrait photographer:  meeting a senior for the first time,  planning and dreaming up their session in detail and then of course the actual session where our dreaming comes to life and then finally showing them their finished images that turn into life long treasures. I talk about my favorites often enough and think maybe I use the word favorite too much!  It can’t be helped tho.  When you have a passion for something, it is ALL your favorite 🙂 Lauren reminded me of another favorite not previously mentioned: Authenticity // proving that it isn’t only how beautiful someone is or how smart they are or how many friends they have that makes them attractive… she reminded me that the honest and sincere relationships you have with others that comes from being yourself is the beautiful part and the true authentic attention grabber.  You will notice Lauren is pretty when you see her pictures and when you speak with her it is evident she is smart + witty and if you follow along on her social media or you see her in school, she has many friends but her true beauty comes from the kindness she shows others unconditionally just by being herself.

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by Ivy Towler