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High School Senior Portraits | Claudia | Class of 2016 Iowa City West

As I start a new season of senior pictures I want to take the time to show case my Class of 2016 High School Seniors!  If all goes well, you should see a few each week 🙂

Let’s start you off with Miss Claudia.  Stunning and Goofy, did you know you could get those two traits in a single person?  You can! Claudia can be found listening to indie pop music, wearing boho chic clothing, eating pasta and Thai food with her friends or chilling at home with her beloved dog Callie who drinks from the kitchen faucet because her Great Dane legs make her head come an entire foot above my waist. Claudia is talented on stage and in the classroom.  If she doesn’t grow up to be a mermaid then she will be a psychiatrist who takes vacations down in Mexico. Leave her some comment love 😉

HMUA: Liz Annis and Claudia herself {she’s a genius at eye make-up!}

by Ivy Towler

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