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Senior Pictures | What To Wear

This is an easy answer:

Wear clothing that speaks to you, anything that you feel amazing in, clothes that fits and shows off your shape.  Layers–can’t say that enough!  Accessories–they add interest to your ensemble {yep, totally just said ensemble}. Hats and Hoodies and Lids and Scarves. You absolutely should show off your style and who you are now.  Still not sure, study images in magazines.  Which ones catch your eye? Use those images to inspire your choices.

What to avoid: Sometimes loud patterns and colors steal the show and take away from you so if you love them, break them up with something understated and less flashy or use them as an accessory rather than the main piece. Loose baggie and ill fitting clothing won’t show you in your best light so save those for when you are lounging around the house 🙂 Wrinkles–ugh, don’t wear wrinkles, as in wrinkled clothes, laugh line wrinkles are cute you can wear those!

Don’t break the bank!  Be sure and use those hidden gems from deep within your closet.  You may have a killer jacket in there and just need to spruce it up with a new shirt or long statement necklace.  Have a favorite pair of shoes?  Clean up those old Chucks and put them with your go to weekend wear.  No need to buy ALL new clothing for your pictures.  Make it fun for you and your parents, be creative.  If your brain is fried from too much summer sun or you have zero creativity, ask a friend for help, or me!  I’ll come raid your closet and get you all set up.

Lines: sometimes they are the coolest thing!  See the below image.  Lauren had a gorgeous black fitted dress with a bared abdomen.  She paired it with a necklace that added interest and BAM!  Killer outfit and photo.

If you are still having trouble, give your precious head a break and sleep on it.  Have the people in this world that know you best help you out.  Trust them and you will likely be happily surprised with what they come up with.




by Ivy Towler

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