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Iowa Teen Models | An afternoon downtown

My beautiful daughter and her friends had a teen model shoot birthday party including professional air brush make-up by Liz Annis and styling by Breanna Jensen with photographs by me 😉  It. Was. A. Blast!!!  These girls are finishing the 8th grade {today is the last day actually} and heading off to high school this fall.  It’s insane to think my daughter has hit these years.  She is doing it with such strength and beauty of character too.  I am inspired by her kindness to others, her smart decisions, her witty disposition and her trust in me to share her memories and fun.  She makes us laugh every night at the dinner table whether she starts talking in her spot on British accent or reminds her dad that she is growing up and she has the ability to make his life a constant debate 😉 We are supremely proud of her.  Cheers to the next 4 years Miss Maggie!  And remember:  “Make Good Choices” hahahaha, no really, make good ones, “no ragrets” and all that.

These images were taken in downtown Iowa City.


by Ivy Towler