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Iowa Boudoir Photographer | BARELY by Ivy

In a world where social media has taken over, selfies are taken by the millions and women are barraged with multiple reasons to not love their bodies, I get to step in and show them they ARE beautiful and sensual and perfect just the way they are.  BARELY by Ivy was just a concept a few years ago but quickly became a reality and success with the collaboration of my creative friends and family and my clients who trust in me.  A lot goes into boudoir photography including hours of education and practice. You truly need to understand how a camera sees in relation to how your eyes see because they are not the same. My job and my love of photography is all about capturing beauty in an image, evoking an emotion in the onlooker and leaving my client with the lasting impression of confidence and acceptance.

I really get excited when my clients give me permission to share their images.  I would share them all if I could but with boudoir I only do so with explicit permission from my client. Today I want to give a huge shoutout to my hair and make-up artist Liz from Elegant Airbrushing by Liz.  She is professional, creative, smart, funny and a very important part of BARELY by Ivy. Liz also stays and assists during the sessions now which has been a great help to me since my friend Brea graduated from Iowa and is no longer assisting. {Good Luck Brea, we LOVE you!!!} Liz did the make-up and hair in the images below.

As an Iowa boudoir photographer I feel especially lucky to be offering this service in my home state.  Midwest women are some of the kindest and smartest women I know and also beautiful soul deep. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy!

Barely by Ivy boudoir gunBARELY by Ivy Boudoir Set

by Ivy Towler

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