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Finding Ivy | A little about me


I’m learning a lot about me this 40th year of life as I believe we are constantly evolving, changing and growing–we are in a constant state of finding ourselves.  I’m discovering more about me through my creative endeavors, parenting, living without my mother on this earth and a whole mess of extras that I begrudgingly love.  Our life is full, like cup runneth over full!  I’m certain I personally have signed up for too much. Not likely too much for some people but for my easily distracted –oh isn’t that pretty– brain that finds it difficult to stay –did  I email my models-– on task when my to-do list is long –oh shoot, I forgot to send a check to school– and the minutes in my work day are limited, it can be a bit much {if you take the mu off of much, and bump it up against bit in that sentence you can really see the word I was going for}.  I often wish I had my husband’s ability to keep all the boxes in my brain closed except for the one I’m working on, careful that none of the boxes touch. Instead, my brain is a bowl of sloppy spaghetti making a mess everywhere!

So, how do I handle it all?  Constant self reminders to get back to work.  Multiple breaks throughout the day. Meditation when I remember that I like that. Exercise when I remind myself it’s good for me. Family time.  Girlfriend time. Self compassion. Helping others. Praising others. And eating those damn frogs!  Have you heard that saying before?  I think it’s “Eat that frog”.  My friend Sarah said that once and I use it all the time.  Basically, do the least favorite task first and get it out of the way!

I also make time for me.  Maybe not as often as I should but I do try.  Usually it is something where I can create and stretch my horizons like learning new things and trying new things which is invigorating and inspirational for me.  Or going for a drive with my husband.  We have done this for as long as we have known each other.  It gets us out of our heads and allows us freedom from our to-do lists if just for 30 minutes.

This Senior season was amazing and a lot of work!  I’m looking forward to a little down time over the holidays coming up and I will be eating some frogs that have been croaking a terrible tune for months now.  I still have many sessions to blog and share.  Lots of them have had their sneaks over on fb but the showcases will be over here on the blog.  Next week I have my Moody Romance model shoot and a Barely by Ivy session plus my best friend in the whole world is coming to see me!!!!!

Professional stuff I’m looking forward to in the next 6 months:  The Senior’s Ignite Event at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego {my first time going there and I’m bringing my husband sans kids!} and Shutterfest with my soul-sister photographer Katie {a girls only trip!} both are educational conferences to help me grow as a photographer and to fuel my passion.  And I may do a little overhaul to my website–we shall see if that happens but it is on my list, written in ink!

Below is a photo of me taken by Nikki Closser.  A lovely and talented portrait and wedding photographer and now friend of mine.  She encouraged me to have fun at my photo shoot while I twirled and felt silly but what shows is how she made me feel: beautiful, carefree and special.  Her and her stylist Katie make the best team!  An experience I will never forget.

Cheers to you all