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Hoodie Magic | High School Senior Photographer | Iowa City

Who doesn’t love a hooded man?  Hoodies are a magical wardrobe piece for guys.  The hood frames the face and that expression in their eyes.  Hoodies add interest to your image and currently, they are stylish. I prefer what Cole is wearing here, a full zip version that can show the layer underneath vs a pullover one which is just sporty bulk and not as photo worthy.
How did Cole nail that look in his eyes?  Wouldn’t we all like to know!  It is tough for anyone to be in front of the camera, you have to let yourself go a bit and play the role of a model and get over any silly feelings you have about being the center of attention.  Your photographer should be able to direct you to achieve that bit of mystery but ultimately it comes down to you. A wardrobe piece that makes you comfortable is a good start, like a hooded sweatshirt.  Sometimes it takes several pictures before a client can relax enough to bring it, this image happened almost at the start, Cole is a natural in front of the camera!

Ok, gotta go.  Need to finish his gallery but had to share this one!  As I noted, this was at the beginning of his shoot, I haven’t even seen all of his pictures yet!  I will do my best to not be distracted by the rest of his images.  🙂



by Ivy Towler