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This time of year does it for me.  Cool crisp air, texture, vibrant colors and layered fashion all tied up into one season with firepits, fresh roasted coffee and camping!  Spring is my second favorite followed by winter and then lastly that gawd awful hot and humid make-me-sweaty-and-feel-like-I’m-dying-summer {that could be my hate hashtag-ugh}.  Anyway, this time of year is also my busiest which doesn’t allow much if any time for personal creative endeavors, fun weekends away on family adventures or a night with my friends.  So what do I do?  I allow myself distractions while working if they can be done quickly.  For example, during one of my senior shoots I stopped and took a picture of a rain filled fungus and later in that shoot I snagged a photo of some vibrant green moss.  Putting a weekly hike with my assistant on the calendar is also a way to get some me time and friend time!  Saturdays are well guarded, that is our family day and we rarely share it.  The rest of my time has me slaving away as a wife, mom of 4 and business owner.  I would never claim balance in my life, I think trying to achieve balance would stress me out.  My goals or my drive is centered around how I want to feel overall: authentic, radiant, vital, playful, engaged, inspired, compassionate and a few others.  Each day something takes precedence and I let it, I just go with the flow.  Anyway, I originally started typing this post just so I could share some of my off duty life with you since I think it’s beautiful just like my clients.

I would like to hear from you.  What do you do to be sure you get the very important and sometimes hard to attain “me time”? 

Leave me a comment with your inspiration or to just say hello.



The “Fungus Pool”


Coffee at Waterstreet with Brea


The image below is a screenshot of my instagram page.  That is truly my day to day micro blogging spot.  I am visual and creative and blessed with a full and beautiful life.  If you care to connect and follow along you can find me here:  My posts will be of food, coffee, color and texture and my family because these are the things I’m most passionate about.

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by Ivy Towler