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Family Portraits | hotelVetro and the Bread Garden Market


Today I am sharing a family with you but more than that, I am sharing a wee-bit of their story that hits close to home.  Breanna is my intern/assistant.  She comes with me on photoshoots when it works with her school schedule and she has agreed to help me with other aspects behind the scenes {talent, talent, talent!!}.  I met her through my SSIL {soul-sister in-law} Katie.  Breanna has babysat and loved on all of Katie’s kiddos while Breanna’s mom Michelle has been their daycare provider.  Their relationship changed quickly this past month when Michelle was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her cancer was discovered during brain surgery where they were looking to diagnose her worsening memory loss.  Finding two tumors has been a devastating and scary blow, one they are hoping to resolve quickly and completely.

I imagine everyone reading this has had their soul touched by cancer.  I say soul because it isn’t a light touch on your life, cancer is a deep and painful cut on your being.  Katie texted me a brilliant idea: Breanna and her family should have family portraits before chemo starts. Tomorrow is chemo day one so today was family pictures, a basketball game and family time.  The next 4 months will be long for this family so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Below you will see their beautiful smiles and loving connections proving faith and love can take on any challenge.

by Ivy Towler