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Hair and Make-Up Artistry | This Iowa City Portrait Photographer’s Must Have

You want to look and feel your best on picture day.  You are already nervous about being in front of the camera, you are racing out the door so you won’t be late, your hormones are doing a number on you leaving you flustered and causing a breakout.  How are you going to do this???

Deep Breath.  All is well.  Your portrait session will be fun, beautiful and feminine.  It is all about you!  Your experience will start with our professional hair and make-up artist.  She and I will bring out the best in you while you sit and relax coming back to your calm, cool and collected self.  We will visit and sip mimosas and be total girls.  It is normal to be nervous and in a way, I’m glad you are.  It’s exciting to do something just for you {ok… a little of this is for that special someone in your life but it is MOSTLY about you}.

I would like for you to meet one of my stylists | Aubrey from Salon Luxe.  Aubrey has been a local salon owner/stylist for several years.  In addition to her daily clients she has styled celebrities, and political figures for both tv and photo sessions plus many brides and attendants.  She truly understands what is needed to frame the face and where to add depth to highlight your natural beauty so it stands out on camera.  Photos can easily wash you out so definition and contrast is a must when getting your picture taken.  Plus, it’s Glamourous.  Fun. Pampering.  She will help you to see how beautiful you truly are.

Photos used with permission from one of my dear clients.

Hair and Make-Up are included and part of your BARELY by Ivy or High School Senior sessions.

{Mimosas are just for us over the age of 21… sorry H.S. seniors-you’ll get there soon enough, enjoy your youth!}



by Ivy Towler