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What to Wear | Inspiration for your Autumn Portraits

Oh how I love to see the “What To Wear” boards.  For you I have some to share! Today we will start with Teal and Rhubarb, perfect for autumn {don’t you prefer the word autumn over fall? I do!}. Check back soon for two more favorites!

Teal What to Wear Towler Photography

Ah, teal both bright and melancholy, energetic yet relaxed. This popular color looks fabulous in front of the lens, especially set against cloudy skies and yellow-orange leaves. It also looks fabulous on just about everybody, making it a wonderful choice as the star of your outfit.


Rhubarb What to Wear Towler Photography

Rich rhubarb red is ready for Fall or Winter a deep, complex tone that commands attention. This festive color is so powerful even a small accent of it, like a pair of shoes or wool scarf, is enough to add vibrance to the dullest of outfits and backgrounds. Don’t overdo it, though too much can also overpower your skin tones!

by Ivy Towler

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