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Iowa City Family Photography + Twins

Twins: a blessing all their own.  I should know, we have twins and they are fascinating as a team and individually.  The dynamic between these two beautiful girls below: shy and quiet | lively and talkative is something to see.  Together they are best of friends sharing stories and complimenting one another with their strengths.  They complete a beautiful family.  Their grandma and I have worked together in the past and this time I asked the grandma if there was anything I should know about the girls before I came over and she advised me accurately in saying one will come right up to me and talk and share all her stories and introduce me to the dogs and the other one will watch from a distance and take her time to warm up.  They did exactly that.  After 5 minutes of visiting with 3 dogs and one exuberant little girl on the floor in the living room…. the quiet one came along and helped to finish the stories.  I felt like I won… it only took 5 minutes! Easy Peasy!!! Then I pulled out my camera and we had to re-warm-up to each other…. but it didn’t take much longer and soon the shy one was running the show letting us know which trees to stand by, where everyone should be positioned and if they were allowed to smile or not.  It was a blast and absolutely entertaining.  I do hope I can see them all again when they are back visiting.

I love their garden dresses with frilly socks and patent shoes. B E A U T I F U L


by Ivy Towler

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