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Iowa Arts Festival | Iowa City, Iowa

We had a GREAT time yesterday at the Iowa Arts Festival in downtown Iowa City. It is one of many local art events in this area that you don’t want to miss.

Below are a few photos of my kiddos enjoying some of the fun kid booths.

We stood in line for 45 minutes for this artistry!  Faceworks Facepaint had the c-o-o-l-e-s-t choices and if my kids hadn’t been hungry, I would have had a fun henna tattoo put on me 😉

Iowa Art Festival Iowa City Iowa

Faceworks Facepaint

Free Pottery? Oh yeah, paint it up with Fired Up!  The finished works should be done by June 21st.

Smart on their part b/c you know we will make an afternoon of it painting new stuff!!Iowa Arts Festival Iowa City

Fired Up Iowa City Pottery

Colored Hairspray.  I thought my daughter would have jumped on this fun booth but it was my boys that HAD to have it.

Iowa Arts Festival Iowa City

Colored Hairspray

Meet Austin, my friend Sandy’s best pal.  Austin is a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs of Johnson County.

He loves to sit with you while you read at the library!

Austin is one of many furry pooches volunteering his time please go and check out his friends over at their website: Therapy Dogs of Johnson County.

Iowa Arts Festival Pet Therapy Dog

Austin from Therapy Dogs of Johnson County

The whole gang!

Iowa Arts Festival 2013

Austin, Sandy and my kids