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Barely By Ivy | Glamorous Boudoir Photography | Iowa City

I mostly try and keep my boudoir images under my BARELY BY IVY tab since I also take High School Senior Portraits and Newborn Portraits but this image was too beautiful to hide under a tab.  I love her hair and the colors and the set up.  My portrait sessions revolve around beauty, glamour and empowering my clients. I like helping women see how gorgeous they are.  It’s not easy to be in front of a camera with clothes on so when you are posing in very little attire it takes a bit of fearlessness and full on trust in me to pose you beautifully.  The model below agreed to this shoot one day before our multi-model power session!  She’s a wife and mother and filled in for another model that couldn’t make it.  She was amazing and made some gorgeous images.  In case you were wondering, I don’t post my client’s boudoir images unless they give me written permission.  Privacy is of the utmost importance in this category!  That is why I have models to showcase my glamorous boudoir photography | BARELY BY IVY.

Glamorous Boudoir Photography

Gorgeous Hair and Beautiful Lingerie

By Ivy Towler