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Coralville Photographer: Spring Blooms 2

You must see… I must share…. So pretty!

The large established Crab Apple trees in downtown Coralville are begging to be noticed, luring each passerby with their overabundant branches of delicate and beautiful blossoms.  I stopped for 5 minutes to capture a small little bit of this tree’s beauty.

There’s a funny story that goes along with this photo….


The twins were in the van waiting… waiting is hard to do when you are 3…

Cade unfastened his seatbelt, opened the van door, jumped out into the nearby yard, pulled down his pants and peed.  I did not see this happen but the man who owned the yard did…. and he chuckled shook his head and said “Guess he couldn’t wait!”  Chagrin and Pride both painted my face.  So, thank you kind sir who understands little boys that are newly potty trained!  And thank you mother nature for making spring a gorgeous reprieve from the gray winter.



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